How to Deep Clean Your Front Load Washer

Front-loader washing machines have several benefits to their top-loading siblings but also have a few disadvantages. One big problem is that they can develop a STINK. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to clean your front load washer.

How to Keep Your Front Loading Washer from Stinking: 5 Tips to Keep it Smelling Fresh and Clean from the Random DIY Guy. #randomdiyguy #cleanwasher #frontload #washer

Easy DIY Tips to Clean and Keep Your Frontloading Washer from Smelling

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wash my clothes in something smelly. Not only can the wash stink, but it can redeposit on your clothes leaving them smelling worse than before you washed them. Here are my top DIY tips to keeping your front loader washing machine smelling fresh and clean!

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Leave the Door Open

After using your washer its best to leave the door open to keep it from developing mold and mildews. I understand the urge to close it to keep it looking sleek and clean, but it’s worth the sacrifice.


Wipe It Out After Use

Using a cloth wipe the bin, door, and rubber seals to remove any sitting water. Doing this simple step can help reduce the build-up of dirt and grime. I’ve found that this step is still effective as long as you do it every few washes, but your welcome to keep it extra clean and wipe it every time.

TIP: You can also have a spray bottle of vinegar to spray everything before you wipe clean for extra prevention. 

How to Keep Your Front Loading Washer from Stinking


Do a Hot Vinegar Cycle

One really easy way to keep it fresh is to run about a cup of vinegar through your washing machine on the highest heat and on the longest cycle every couple of weeks. It’s as simple as putting the vinegar directly into the soap dispenser, starting the cycle, and walking away.

How to Clean Your Front Loading Washer to Keep it from Stinking


Clean the Filter!

Did you know that your front-loader washing machine has a drain pump filter? I didn’t and I wish I did sooner. This should be cleaned at LEAST once a month. Some newer front-loader washers have a quick access panel on the front, but older ones have a few screws to remove to clean the filter. Once you find your washers filter, remove it and wash it with some dish soap or vinegar, dry it, and reinsert it.

TIP: Have a towel handy to catch any water that can spill out. 

How to Clean Your Front Loading Washer to Keep it from Stinking


Trust me, if you take the time to do these simple things on a regular basis, you can keep your front load washer clean and fresh smelling — your clothes (and family!) will thank you!

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