DriverBack Bit Holder System Review

If you own an impact screwdriver then you know how efficient they can be at driving screws, but when working with several different bits it can be a bit (…ha, ha, ha!) of a hassle. DriverBack was created to eliminate this problem so that you always have the right drill bit, right when you need it.

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What is Driverback?

The American made, proudly Texan created DriverBack system is a 4 cartridge bit holder that slips onto the top of your impact screwdriver to keep your bits handy. Each cartridge has a spring-loaded lanyard system connected to a drill bit that allows the bit to turn freely while in use.

The system allows you to choose 4 from 13 different drill bits to create a custom DriverBack holder and the good news is that the bits are interchangeable and replaceable making the whole system project-specific.

What Makes it Great?

The DriverBack holder is a brilliant idea that eliminates the problem of not having the right bit for the project. Since I’ve installed my DriverBack, I’ve used it several times during our bathroom linen closet renovation and found it pretty helpful. (You can check out my Instagram Stories for the bathroom project HERE.)

The bits are heavy duty and the holder itself is very durable. Even after some rough handling during my projects, it still looks as good as new. My favorite thing about his handy bit holder is that when your working with several different bits, they’re all just a few inches away and you always know where they are… no more placing the drill bits down and then searching for them because you forgot where you put them.

Complaints about DriverBack?

I don’t have any real complaints about the product, in fact, I think it’s pretty great. But, the one thing that I’ve found to be somewhat bothersome is that as slim as the product is it still gets in the way sometimes — especially in really tight corners depending on the angle. Overall it’s a small inconvenience for the amount of practical help the bit holder provides.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think DriverBack is a great product that everyone with an impact driver should own. It’s super easy to install, works great, and has interchangeable drill bits. I recommend the DriverBack system to homeowners, professionals, or anyone who uses an impact driver regularly. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Go get yours at the DriverBack Website –> DRIVERBACK.COM

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