The Rustoleum Comfort Grip Makes Spray Painting Super Simple

Have you ever heard of the Rustoleum Comfort Grip Universal Spray Paint Gun? Despite its super long name, this little trigger add on tool is super easy to use!


The Rustoleum Comfort Grip Makes Spray Painting Super Simple

I don’t know about you, but every time I have to spray paint something I practically get a hand injury! Holding the classic can and pushing the tiny nozzle trigger makes spray painting a miserable job that seems to last for an eternity. Then I found this! The Rustoleum Comfort Grip is a simple, cheap attachment that makes spray painting 10x easier!

Does spray painting leave you cramped and miserable? My review of Rust-oleum's Comfort Grip will show you why it's worth the money! #randomdiyguy #rustoleum #spraypaint #diy #worksmarternotharder #crafty

Simply Click and Get Spraying

It doesn’t get any better than this folks. You simply click the tool onto the top of the spray can, then instantly you have a convenient handle and trigger saving your hand from cramping. I picked this one up at Lowes for under $10!

Now that you know what a game-changer this simple spray can grip is, go grab one for yourself and then come back and let us know how much you love it in the comments below!

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