Double Cub Cadet Bagger for the Ultima Zero Turn Mower Review

**Be sure to check out the 5/2021 update at the bottom of the article**

It works! … for now (Originally posted 6/2020)

When you spend around $3,500 for an exceptional new mower you expect the almost $500 Cub Cadet bagger to be made with the same excellent quality, right? WRONG.

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Double Cub Cadet Bagger for the Ultima Zero Turn Mower Review

The double bagger for the Ultima ZT1 42″ and 46″ mower is disappointing. The problems are so obvious it doesn’t take an expert to find them. Here are the top 10 problems with the Cub Cadet double bagger for the 42″ and 46″ Ultima Zero Turn Mower.

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#1 Cheap Plastic

Is it me, or am I crazy? When designing a mower bagger system you would want to use high-quality strong plastic. Well, Cub Cadet thought the cheap flimsy plastic would do.

All the plastic pieces flop around and feel like they’re going to snap. Not only is the plastic cheap, but the main part of the plastic bagger has to be assembled with clips! I have no faith in these genius little plastic clips. I see them snapping in the future.

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Bagger Review


#2 Bad Hinge Design

When you open the bagger to empty the grass clippings, the plastic cover slams over the back and causes the plastic to flex like crazy. Every time I open it, I think I’m going to break the outrageously overpriced bagger.

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Bagger Review


#3 Bagger Lock System

Thinking back to when opening the bagger, not only does the hinge stink, but the locking clips are just so stupid. Again every time I have to open it I’m concerned I’m going to break it. Can’t wait until these break too, so I can introduce the contraption to bungee cords. {sigh}

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Bagger Review


#4 Thin Bags

So far, I haven’t had any problems with the actual bags, but I can see a future problem. The bags are extremely thin which will probably lead to ripping and tearing.

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Bagger Review


#5 Fun Assembly (jk)

Putting things together with bad instructions is like building the thing without them. This bagger took around 4 hours to put together because of the confusing lack of instructions. Parts were hard to tell apart and easy to misidentify.

Again I feel like on a $500 product it should be preassembled or at LEAST have good instructions.

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Bagger Review



Overall, the bagger does work. I am worried about the long term quality of this product since it isn’t the best to start with. I just find it hard to believe that after putting so much time perfecting the mower, they would cut so many corners with the expensive bagger. I really hope that Cub Cadet will realize this and redesign it for the better soon.

UPDATE 5/2021: It Broke. But Cub Cadet made it right.

Towards the end of last mowing season (2020), one of the hood clips broke off and most of clamps that attach the bagger assembly to the metal frame also snapped off. If you remember, my #1 complaint about this bagger was the cheap plastic and it ended up being the root of my problem.

Because of this bagger’s high price tag, I contacted my local Cub Cadet dealer where it was purchased to explain that although I love the mower, I was disappointed in the low quality of the bagger. The broken parts make the bagger almost useless and in my opinion, it should last longer than 1 season.

After sending them photos of the broken parts, the dealer determined that the bagger would be covered under the limited warranty and I just needed to set up an appointment to have it repaired. The customer service at our local dealer was excellent and they worked hard to get the problem resolved quickly.

In the end, the Cub Cadet dealer replaced the damaged parts and I have already started using it for this 2021 mowing season with no problems so far (fingers crossed). On the bright side, apparently Cub Cadet recognized the problems with this bagger design as they have now released a new bagger with an updated design.

Note: If you’re looking to buy a bagger for these Cub Cadet mowers, be sure to double-check which bagger you’re purchasing to make sure you’re getting the new design. The old product is still on the shelf and should be avoided.

Have you purchased the new bagger? If so, head down to the comments and let me know what your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “Double Cub Cadet Bagger for the Ultima Zero Turn Mower Review

    • 4RDIYGuy

      Hey Paul, Yes they have different part numbers and from my research the old design has finally been discontinued from their website for the smaller deck sizes(40″ & 46″), but it is still available for the 50″+ decks and should be avoided. Hope this helps

  • Thomas K. Kolde

    They ARE junk….I’ve bought 3 left hand upper bagger supports in 3 years. Bought my mower in 2019. Cheap plastic. I give them the first one because I caught the corner of it on my fence, the other two that broke caught on a bush. Very flimsy. Very expensive & very disappointing. Actually, today I seen grass flying out the corner of my eye & seen that the vent side lid attachment was broke….not sure how, but I don’t remember hitting anything. So very soon, I’ll be buying AGAIN, the left-hand lid support AND the right-hand vent support. I’ve almost spent on cheap plastic replacement parts on what the entire bagger set up cost me. If you have a lot of things to mow around in your yard, be careful. You snag one & it’ll break.
    Pitiful pitiful. Never again.

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