Beginner Tips to Install DIY Crown Molding

Crown moulding elevates a room and gives it a finished look without a huge investment. It’s also a great DIY project. If you’re looking to install crown molding, this is the post for you. I’m sharing my top tips for beginners to make your first install easier!

How to Install Crown Molding

Want to install crown molding? Your in luck here are some of my top beginner tips! 👊

Tip 1: Always mark your studs in advance and if possible always nail your crown into studs… you really don’t want it coming back down 😂

Tip 2: For the first piece, I’ve found that cutting it flat/straight at both ends and then coping the other pieces that meet it make a huge difference.

Tip 3: Use an 18 gauge brad nailer with 2” nails. My Milwaukee cordless brad nailer works amazing and makes the job 10x easier. Couldn’t live without it.

Tip 4: It just takes practice… I suggest starting in a room that is less seen (aka a laundry room etc.) to get some practice. The more you do it the easier it gets!

Good luck and drop any questions below or head over to Instagram to watch my time-lapse and see them in action.

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